Bonding $FURY

Bond $FURY-USDC pair to earn rewards.

Rewards will be distributed from a 4.6mil $FURY rewards pool. All you have to do is bond now.

Bonding Details:

Terra airdrop users can claim and bond $FURY.
Single as well as Pair Bonding will be available.
Pair Bonding at a 7% discount with a 5-day lockup period.
Single Bonding at a 5% discount with a lock up of 7-day lockup.
Earn 2x rewards on single bonding.
Rewards will be distributed over 12 months.

Juno Fam it’s your time to shine!

Juno users can bond $FURY at a discount and earn rewards!

Bonding on Juno will follow the same discounts and release schedule as on Terra.

Buy $FURY and start bonding to earn rewards.

Vesting will continue as per pre-determined vesting schedules on the respective smart contracts.

To view your tokens in your Keplr Wallet please ensure you “add” the below-mentioned FURY contact address under “manage tokens” in your Keplr wallet settings.

Fury Token Address:


If you are still facing issues with receiving your airdrop please fill in the form linked below and our support team will get in touch with you.

Perform simple tasks and win extra $FURY on Crew3

Crew3 offers a unique opportunity for users to take part in various quests on Fanfury, make it your knowledge and meaningfully engage with the brand for which they stand a chance to earn XP, level up and win FURY.
Visit Fanfury’s Crew3 FanQuest page, take part in different quests – Sports Quests, Social Quests, Gameplay Quests, Fan Club Quests and more!!
Earn XP, level up and win FURY.