One for you, More for Me

The owner of a Fan Club and is entitled to earn additional rewards as compared to the other contributors. Owners will earn 1% of their team’s allocation of rewards, apart from an equal share of the remaining amount after deduction of the 1%.


One way, and it’s up

Fan Club owners have a greater motivation to push their team to the top of the leaderboard because they have the most to gain out of it. The owner of the ‘top team’ takes 1% of the total rewards available to everyone. That’s right, it’s yours to claim!


Brag rights reserved

We all want a reason to brag a little, this is your opportunity. Owning a Fan Club is something which any fan can relate to, it’s a matter of loyalty and passion. The bragging rights that come with ownership is a feeling that is coveted for a very good reason.



It Pays to be fan

By investing in a Fan Club, users will have a permanent source of passive income, the ability to let their investment work for them. The rewards come directly from the protocol’s net profit, and will continue to be paid out, in perpetuity.


There’s always some more

FRewards are accrued and made available to be claimed on a daily basis. The distribution process works on a 24-hour cycle, so don’t worry, some more is always on its way.


Let’s call it ‘our house’

When you subscribe to a Fan Club, you become its de facto part-owner. You become part of a team - part of the very fabric of what Fanfury stands for.

This is

Not a Drill

Say goodbye to subscription and donation models of earning income as a sports content creator.

And let’s welcome

The sustainable method— an unending passive income for content creators, subscribers, fans, & fantasy sports players.

How Does This Work?


Select a Team Fan Club from the 250 clubs available.


Indicate your interest by filling out the Fan Club Claim Request form.


Personalize your Fan Club
Claim Page.


Bring in subscribers to support your claim and have them vouch for you by making a minimum bid of $100.

What Do you
Stand to gain?


Owners and members drive organic playing traffic and organic referrals to the platform to claim dual-incentives. You get rewarded for referrals and claim rewards for competing for the main prize.

Permanent Passive Income

As a sports influencer, when you own a Fan Club on Fanfury, you get a more long-term and sustainable passive income source.

Incentivize your subscribers in the long run

All bids paid by your contributors and subscribers represent a share in your Fan Club, giving them part-ownership. And as part-owners, they get a percentage of the daily profits generated from fanfury.

Drive community ownership & governance on the platform

Since Fanfury is a community-owned fantasy sports app, 40% of all profits generated after each contest gets split among the 250 Fan Clubs (FCs). Owners of these FCs receive 1% of their FCs revenue.

You get full ownership of an in-game asset on Terra’s first-ever fantasy sports platform.

It takes only six days for the claiming process (auction) to get completed

Claim a Club!


If you are interested to own a club or have a question regarding joining a club, ask here

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