Fan Clubs Auction

This is your chance to own a Fan Club!

Claim your Fan Club of your choice, bring in a minimum of 5 memberships, and own your Fantasy Club!

Choose from 190 Fan Clubs across the globe
All Major Sports & Leagues
Live matches 24x7
Lowest Rake Fee in the industry
Higher reward distribution
Fan Clubs Explained

What are Fan Clubs?

If you have been a part of any exclusive members-only sports group this is exactly that but a web.3 version of it. This means while you support and root for your favourite club you earn rewards for doing it!

Fanfury Fan Clubs are specific sports clubs that users can join to start earning rewards. Fanfury offers 190 Fan Clubs across all major sports & leagues.

There are two ways to do this:

Become a Fan Club Owner
If you own a fan club you will see a star sign next to the club you own denoting that you own the club, there can only be one Fan Club owner and only once an owner forfeits their right to own the club other members can try and bid to win ownership of the club. There are specific perks of being a Fan Club owner like 1% of game rewards being distributed among club owners and additional voting and governance rights once the DAOs are active.
Those of you who would like to own a fan club will need to log in on the Fanfury web app via your Keplr wallets and register to be a potential owner of a club. The bidding system is based on the number of members you can bring and not the amount you bid. So the more members you can bring in to support your club the higher your chances of being the club owner, this will help us avoid any sort of manipulation wherein a user can bid large amounts to own a club.
Become a Member of a Fan Club
Alternatively, if someone already owns a club of your preference you can still be a part of the club by becoming a member of the club. Fan club members are also a part of the reward distribution pool and rewards for being a member aka staking rewards
Users can join multiple clubs as members and by depositing aka staking $FURY to “support the club”. Once they support a club with $FURY you are now an active member of the club!
Fan Clubs Auction

Claim a Fan Club

190 Fan Clubs are up for sale but only 60* will make it!

* Phase 1

Claim a Fan Club
Owners need to bid a minimum of 100,000 in $FURY tokens and $750 in stable to make a claim.
Top 60 clubs will be chosen based on those that have a minimum of 200,000 tokens from ownership & membership.
Users who take part in the live Fan Club Auction will automatically be eligible for the Ambassador Merchandise Giveaway.
Fan Club Claims will be allotted based on which Fan Club bid was able to fulfil the token and membership criteria at the earliest, i.e, the first one to fulfil both conditions wins the rights to the Fan Club

What are the Benefits of Fanfury Fan Clubs?

So you’re wondering why does it matter if you join or own a Fan Club rather than just play a match?

Fan Club Ownership

1% goes to the top team owner
Fractional ownership of the protocol 40% of the profits that the protocol generates through Rake Fees
Perpetual revenue source
A permanent passive source of income
Dual incentives
Incentive for subscribers in the long run
Community ownership and governance

Fan Club Membership

19% of the 20% rewards are distributed among the members of the winning Fan Club
Fan club with the most members earns higher rewards
Create a passive income source with daily $FURY rewards.
Voting and governance rights regarding the Fan Club.

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Visit Fanfury’s Crew3 FanQuest page, take part in different quests – Sports Quests, Social Quests, Gameplay Quests, Fan Club Quests and more!!
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