Daily Fantasy Sports

Bigger Winnings Larger Payouts

Win $FURY in head to head & large contest pools
Earn $FURY with your own Team Staking Pools

Android & IOS Apps
Choose a match from our list of sports
Choose a match from our list of sports
Choose from a range of 5 different sports for a global audience
Pick a team from your chosen match
Pick a team from your chosen match
Pick a team from the list of players available for selection in that match

All your favorite teams from your favorite leagues

Play in Player v Player or Multi-Entry
Play in Player v Player or Multi-Entry
Enter contests in multi-team large pools or to single team player v player
Play in over 2,000 of the world’s leading sports leagues
Premier League

Sport Teams Gamified Staking Pools

Revenue Distribution

Prize Pool Available For Payouts

Percentage Of Winning Teams

Sustainable Incentivised Liquidity Reward Program


Daily Fantasy Sports Platform Built on Juno

Decentralized Data Oracles, Rigid Smart Contracts, Low Rake Fees, and Epic Payouts

Tokenomics and Token Supply
Total: 420,000,000
Circulating: 29,000,000
Vested: 126,000,000

Decentralised Oracles Ensure Manipulation Free Data

Rake Fee Distribution


Stakers & LP Providers


In-Game Burn From Rake Fee

Join our community

Come and join us as we talk about your favorite players, Coaches, and Pundits

We have an Industry Low Rake Fee of 5%

Stakers & Liquidity Providers

Stakers & Liquidity Providers share 50% of the Rake Fees, equally amongst themselves

Deflationary Tokenomics & Value Accrual

The Fury Token is geared for growth through a unique value accrual mechanism, that relies on the price


What makes us different from the rest?

These are some of the simple things that make us a unique and awesome place, you just can't replace.

Community ownership and governance.
A way to own the game you participate in and be the house.

By giving our entire Rake Fee to our Stakers and Liquidity Providers, we hand over all profits to the people holding our tokens

A Deflationary Tokenomics Model.
Having a value accrual mechanism that acts on price.

By tying our burn mechanism to the price of the token, we ensure that the number of tokens we burn, is inversely proportional to its price

Introduction to Fanfury

Fanfury is bringing fantasy sports to Terra by utilizing decentralized oracles, bringing fantasy sports closer to transforming into a more transparent, accessible, and cheaper ecosystem for users.

A gamified web app for Staking, Liquidity, Airdrops, & Swaps


Locker Room is our web application - your gateway to claiming Team Staking Pools, manage future Airdrops, Marketing Rewards, Staking, Liquidity, and more.


Player vs Player and Large Contest Pools

Fanfury offers two contest modes - Player vs Player up to 10 teams, and Large Pools Contests with up to 5000 teams, both with a flat 5% Rake Fee

The People With Us

Get A Sneak Peek At Our In-App Experience

A Local Team

Meet the Team

Fanfury was started by Adrian, Shubhendu, & Vivek, a group of avid fantasy sports gamers

Adrian Ross

Founder - CEO

Shubhendu Singh

Founder - CTO

Vivekananda Gatty

Founder - CMO