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Daily Fantasy Cricket

About Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy sports is something every sports fanatic is very well aware off!

With approximately 71% of DFS players playing Fantasy cricket online. Fantasy cricket is one of the most easiest and widely played genre in Daily Fantasy sports. It’s presumed by the end of 2022, india alone will be home to more than 150 million daily fantasy cricket players.

Fantasy Cricket is all about engaging with a live Cricket match on a platform like Fanfury by creating teams of 11 and competing with others. Every Cricket lover likes matches filled with excitement and tension, now with Fantasy Cricket, every match in every league can be as exciting or even better when the stakes involve your chance to win $FURY!

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is an online strategy based game involving live matches played across the globe. You create a virtual team based on players involved in an upcoming match. The objective is to create a team of 11 players who will garner the maximum points available for the upcoming match. 

Fanfury provides a Decentralized Fantasy Sports experience like no other, Low Rake Fees, Transparency, and Decentralized Data Oracles are some of the stand out features on the platform. Fanfury offers Cricket matches from various leagues across the planet, there are international and local ODI, T20 and Test matches for users to participate in.

Fantasy Cricket is not a game of luck, it requires Knowledge, Skill and patience to make it big. Research and understanding Cricket matches go a long way in picking the right players, captains and VC’s who can garner maximum points for each match. 

Fanfury provides in-game data, match analysis and player statistics for users to compete against each other in creating teams that has the maximum win probability. 

How to Get Started with Fantasy Cricket on Fanfury?

To play Fantasy Cricket on Fanfury you need to visit our webapp. To start participating in contests on Fanfury you will need to have Keplr wallet with a Juno wallet address. To download Keplr wallet onto your chrome extension, click here. Once you have a Keplr extension installed, create a Juno wallet address, you can learn more about Juno wallet address here. USDC will be the stable coin of choice on Juno and Keplr supports USDC. 

How to Start Playing Fantasy Cricket on Fanfury?

Follow the steps given below to start playing your first fantasy cricket game:

  • Choose a match you would like to play
  • Create your team of 11 players
  • Choose your captain and vice-captain
  • Enter a contest of your choice, to enter any contest you will need $FURY
  • Follow the match and track your progress on the leaderboard
  • Based on your standings you are eligible to claim $FURY rewards
Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks to Win Big:

This is your chance to be part of a decentralized fantasy sports experience with Fanfury.  Winning $FURY has never been this easy. You can win $FURY every day in the comfort of your home by playing fantasy cricket across different leagues on Fanfury. All it takes is to beat fellow users in a game of wit and strategy by planning and creating teams with amazing Captains and VC’s . So, are you ready to maximize your winnings? Here are a few tips that will help you win the smaller pools or even the large pools:: 

Don’t play all games – Play only those matches that you have researched and have a good idea about.

  • Don’t plan for all matches at once- Plan in parts, enter matches which you have researched well enough. Always start with smaller pools gradually entering large pools.
  • $FURY smartly- Don’t use all your $FURY on a single match. Divide your $FURY for different matches and different contests. It is easier to win with smaller pools so spend where you stand a chance to win.
  • Don’t join a pool 30 minutes before the deadline. Join pools and create teams 12 hours before the deadline. This allows you to plan for contingencies, like injuries or sudden squad changes.
  • Always create multiple teams for large pool contests as it increases your likelihood of winning $FURY.
  • In most matches, make an all-rounder as your captain and an inform batsman or bowler as vice-captain.
  • Before playing, DYOR on the probable playing 11, weather report, ground conditions, pitch report, player’s stats for that ground and opposition & previous match performances of a player.
  • You can create teams based on youtube videos or apps, but trusting your own knowledge and doing some research regarding the forms of teams and players will go a long way in winning.
  • Be wise, think well before creating multiple teams. Ensure each of the different teams have different player combinations.
  • Choose Captains and VC’s after doing thorough research, you can pick a good team but if you end up choosing a wrong Captain or VC, then your chances of winning are really slim.
  • Most of the time it so happens that an in-form batsmen in one game does not perform in the next match, so be mindful before picking premium players.
  • Ensure you save your credits to pick maximum All Rounders as they bat during slog overs and bowl to pick crucial wickets. Picking players like Hardik Pandya, Ben Stokes or Shakib Al Hasan improves chances of getting more points as they bowl their quota of overs and bat well. 
  • Players who would have performed well in domestic tournaments tend to fare well in 20-20 format as well. They carry their experience of local pitches and can influence matches in a big way.
  • Play domestic leagues from across the globe as you will find big name players playing in most of these domestic leagues. England, Australia, Pakistan, West Indies and other countries conduct their IPL type of tournaments each year. 
  • During International matches, giving more preference to home players may help in amassing good points for the match.
How to create a winning fantasy cricket team?

The rules are pretty simple. While different players have different strategies to create a fantasy cricket team that wins, basic rules remain the same. As the game starts, the users get points for the fantasy teams they have selected based on their performance in the real match. The points are given based on runs, wickets and catches, among others.

Here are the simple steps to creating your fantasy cricket team:  Choose 11 players that will be your team, these will consist off: 

  • Captain – 1
  • Vice-Captain – 1
  • Wicket Keepers – Maximum  4 
  • Batters – Maximum 6
  • All-Rounders – Maximum  4 
  • Bowlers – Maximum 6  

You can choose a total of 7 players from one of the two teams playing. Fanfury offers you a maximum of 100 points to make your team. 

Tip: Choose your captain and vice-captain wisely! Your captain and vice-captain will be awarded 2x the points and 1.5x points respectively, based on their performance in the real matches. 

Benefits of Playing Online Fantasy Cricket Leagues

Cricket is played across the globe and has a huge following across different countries apart from Cricket crazy Asian nations such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Fantasy cricket gives users an opportunity to put their Cricket knowledge and expertise to good use. Moreover, the excitement of winning $FURY on a Decentralized Fantasy Sports platform is a first for many. Check out some key benefits of playing daily fantasy cricket:

  • You get to learn more about the sport.
  • You can showcase your Cricketing skills.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded people.
  • Winning $FURY on a daily basis.
  • Even if you lose you are still eligible for cashback.
  • Join Fanclubs and be part of Decentralized DAO’s.

Perform simple tasks and win extra $FURY on Crew3

Crew3 offers a unique opportunity for users to take part in various quests on Fanfury, make it your knowledge and meaningfully engage with the brand for which they stand a chance to earn XP, level up and win $FURY.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Fanfury isn’t just a Daily Fantasy sports platform nor is it your regular crypto play to earn projects. It’s utility is evolving and we are just in step one of things. With millions of players playing daily fantasy sports online it’s imperative that they are given a a platform that offers something substantial. 

Fanfury is : 

  • Transparent 
  • Offers Higher payouts 
  • High winning ratio 
  • The lowest rake fee fantasy sports platform 
  • Chance to Earn in crypto by playing DFS
  • Offers real world utility for assets won in the game in this case $FURY Rewards.

Fanfury Fantasy Football offers different leagues to play from:

Indian Premier League
Big Bash League
Pakistan Super League
Caribbean Premier League
Vitality T20 Blast
Bangladesh Premier League
Abu Dhabi T10 League
Mzansi Super Premier League
Lanka Premier League
Global T20 League
Vincy Premier League

Rewards from a contest are distributed immediately after a contest as soon as these two conditions are met: 

  • Match results have been announced; 
  • Contest winners list has ben announced. 

This is because the reward distribution is managed by a smart contract for a fair and transparent system, therefore the contract automatically gets triggered as soon as these conditions are met, don’t fret as the process is completely automated therefore there will be no delay in announcements.

Here’s how you can buy $FURY to take part in the contests : 

  • Use your credit/debit card / Bank account to directly buy $FURY without the need to hold axlUSDC and swap it for $FURY. 
  • $FURY is available on Kujira
  • Use any Cosmos token on  Keplr and swap it to Juno and then to $FURY. For details on how to use Keplr, add axlUSDC and swap to Juno click here

While winning is based on strategy and well a bit of luck. Platforms charge their users a platform fee for utilising their service. On any regular platform, this fee could mean a fair chunk of your profits is lost paying for the fees, but that’s where we differ! Fanfury Fantasy Sports platform charges its users the lowest rake fee in the industry, just 5%. This means your winnings aren’t taken away from you but rather a large portion of your winnings are rewarded to you after gameplay. 

  • The rake fee is just 5% from H2H and large contests, 
  • Platform & transaction fee for using protocol 1% & 0.3%. 

The distribution of rake fees is as follows:  

  • Stakers + Burn: 40% each 
  • LP rewards: 10% 
  • Team: 8% 
  • Charity protocol (Angel & Aqua): 2%

In case a game pool fails to fill the contest is then cancelled following which refunds will be initiated and immediately refunded back to your wallet. Fantasy Sports Game Refunds are made claimable as soon as the game begins and will be paid out in $FURY just like the rewards. 

Fanfury is a daily fantasy sports app that runs on the blockchain and has its own native token $FURY. So when you enter a match you are paying in $FURY be it via a bank or Keplr transfer, and therefore when rewards are distributed that too will be paid out in $FURY. 

2 Small pool contests will be available in teams or 50/100. 

6 head to head Contest pools will also be available in teams 2/3/4/5/10.

With the rake fee being just 5% it means higher payouts to players. With 75% of the users in the winning pool, payouts will be fair and transparent. 

Fanfury offers a 95% payout to all its users combined from both head-to-head (single entry) as well as large entry pools ( Multi-team contest)

Fanfury is the only platform that offers the lowest rake fees among all DFS apps. This means our winning ratio is 75% and the remaining 25% who don’t win a contest still get cash backs. 

Fanfury Fantasy Sports players are sure to benefit from this large winning percentage. 

Which includes:

75% for the LCPs
20% - 50% for the SCPs (this is due to the "winner takes all" format for SCPs) 

This means the house always wins and you are the house!