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First Daily Fantasy Sports platform built on Cosmos Ecosystem.

What makes us different from the rest?

All Major leagues

Live matches 24x7

Lowest Rake Fee in the industry

Higher reward distribution

Trustless Data Sources

Daily Fantasy Football

Sports is something a lot of us relate to. The excitement, adrenaline and sheer thrill of watching a sport unite fans from across the globe. But now there’s a new way to channel this excitement. Where sports fans can take matters into their own hands and earn rewards for doing so. Earning real cash by playing Fantasy football is a major reason why fantasy football is so popular. It’s simple and all you need is a good knowledge of the sport along with players that perform. Fanfury brings Fantasy football to the user with crypto which means you can earn crypto by just entering a contest and playing fantasy football.

Let’s start! 

About Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football started on paper back in the 1970’s and an Englishman, Bernie Donelly is credited with its creation. Growth of Fantasy Football from paper to internet has been massive with a worldwide audience. Fantasy Football has a league format and a daily format, league format was widely used previously, but with daily fantasy football gaining popularity it is now the most played format.

What is Daily Fantasy Football?

Daily Fantasy Football depends on an actual live game of Football, but you get to decide the team to play, you also pick the captain and vice captain for your team. Fantasy Football has evolved into a daily format with Daily Fantasy Football and users can play against each other in various Football leagues and matches happening across the globe. 

How to play Daily Fantasy Football on Fanfury?

  • Head over to the Fanfury fantasy football link and log in with your keplr wallet, you can add a chrome Keplr extension and the site will automatically connect to your wallet. 
  • Choose a match you want to play. 
  • Create a team of 11 players, you have to choose from players from both teams playing the match. Each player will have a different credit point attached to them with a total of 80 points you can spend on each team. 
  • As players from both teams have to be mandatorily picked to form a team, one can pick a max of 7 players from one team. 
  • Choose a captain and vice-captain. Keep in mind that both of these players will earn 2x and 1.5x points respectively, so choose your picks carefully. 
  • Once you are done with making a team choose a match from the list and to earn additional rewards join a fan club that will allow you to earn more rewards, remember the larger the number of memberships the higher your fan club ranks on the leaderboard and the winners will take a percentage of profits from the game pool. 
  • Once done watch your watch and keep an eye on fantasy football points on the match you have selected. 
How can I get better at Daily Fantasy Football? Fantasy Football Tips:

Prefer strategy over preferences 

Although sports fans always have a favourite team and player. Fantasy football is not about making the team win but also about earning based on how the team plays! This is why you have to balance your formations with a good mix of defenders, midfielders and attackers.   Know your draft’s strengths and weaknesses and pick your team accordingly. 

Create a plan 

Keep an eye out for player updates and injuries and create a team based on who’s been performing at their best. Fanfury regularly shared game previews before a match on our Twitter handle that shared insights on how a match may play out and who would be an athlete to keep an eye on. 

Check Fanfury Points system

It is always best to have an idea of the points system for any Fantasy Football platform. Fanfury Fantasy Football Points has various aspects to it, different players get different points for the same actions. A defender scoring a goal versus a striker scoring a goal gets different points.

DYOR on the match 

Every Football match will have a Home team and an Away team. Home team usually has an advantage over the away team due to the supporting fans. Some teams are defensively strong whereas others are quick on the counter, picking a good mix of players depends on doing research on previous player performance.  

Choose Captain and Vice Captain wisely

It is very important to pick Captain and Vice Captain wisely as they 2X and 1.5X your points respectively. Picking in form players as Captain and Vice Captain may improve your chance of winning considerably. 

Why Fanfury App and Why not normal DFS Apps?

Currently there are at least 10 DFS apps that are widely used. So what makes Fanfury stand out? 

The traditional DFS apps face issues such as high rake fees, lack of transparency and allegations about data manipulation and a small winning pool. The system is curated in a way that benefits the platform rather than its users. But with Fanfury our blockchain based app is created in a way that it not only addresses these issues but offers a lot more! 

Fanfury advantages:
  • Lowest rake fees in the industry (5%) 
  • Data validation via data oracles that ensures accurate real world data verification 
  • Higher winning ratio, where 75% of the participants are in the winning pool 
  • Cash backs, the remaining 25% who did not win the contest get cash backs in $FURY
  • Governance and community owned- with Fan Clubs members and owners of fan clubs have a say in how their fan clubs function
  • Regular passive income, whether you take part in a game or not if you are a member or owner of a Fan Club the membership amount collected is staked in the Fan Club and distributed among its owner and members
  • Deflationary tokenomics, which ensures price stability of $FURY. For example, if the price of $FURY drops more $FURY tokens will be burnt and if the price of $FURY rises lesser tokens will be burnt, thereby achieving price stability via tokenomics  
  • Reward distribution offers owners of Fan clubs 1% from the distribution from each game pool.
  • Bond $FURY or axlUSDC on the webapp to start earning.

And that’s it! You are all set to start winning Fantasy football with Fanfury. As we always say community first! Crypto and DFS. Follow Fanfury for the best site for fantasy football advice, and join us on telegram or discord to stay updated about matches, crypto and rewards! Fanfury offers its users a unique blend of earn to play games via fantasy sports. It’s a quick, easy and secure way to create passive income via fantasy sports! Users can choose from fantasy cricket, and fantasy football and join fan clubs to ensure a regular passive income-generating stream! Let’s start winning! 

Perform simple tasks and win extra $FURY on Crew3

Crew3 offers a unique opportunity for users to take part in various quests on Fanfury, make it your knowledge and meaningfully engage with the brand for which they stand a chance to earn XP, level up and win $FURY.
Visit Fanfury’s Crew3 FanQuest page, take part in different quests – Sports Quests, Social Quests, Gameplay Quests, Fan Club Quests and more!!
Earn XP, level up and win $FURY.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fanfury isn’t just a Daily Fantasy sports platform nor is it your regular crypto play to earn projects. It’s utility is evolving and we are just in step one of things. With millions of players playing daily fantasy sports online it’s imperative that they are given a a platform that offers something substantial. 

Fanfury is : 

  • Transparent 
  • Offers Higher payouts 
  • High winning ratio 
  • The lowest rake fee fantasy sports platform 
  • Chance to Earn in crypto by playing DFS
  • Offers real world utility for assets won in the game in this case $FURY Rewards.

Fanfury Fantasy Football offers different leagues to play from:

English Football League
Premier League
UEFA Champions League
Ligue 1
EFL Championship
Serie A
EFL League One
FA Cup
Liga Portugal
UEFA Europa League
Swiss Super League
Israeli Premier League
Scottish League One

Rewards from a contest are distributed immediately after a contest as soon as these two conditions are met: 

  • Match results have been announced; 
  • Contest winners list has ben announced. 

This is because the reward distribution is managed by a smart contract for a fair and transparent system, therefore the contract automatically gets triggered as soon as these conditions are met, don’t fret as the process is completely automated therefore there will be no delay in announcements.

Here’s how you can buy $FURY to take part in the contests : 

  • Use your credit/debit card / Bank account to directly buy $FURY without the need to hold axlUSDC and swap it for $FURY. 
  • $FURY is available on Kujira
  • Use any Cosmos token on  Keplr and swap it to Juno and then to $FURY. For details on how to use Keplr, add axlUSDC and swap to Juno click here

While winning is based on strategy and well a bit of luck. Platforms charge their users a platform fee for utilising their service. On any regular platform, this fee could mean a fair chunk of your profits is lost paying for the fees, but that’s where we differ! Fanfury Fantasy Sports platform charges its users the lowest rake fee in the industry, just 5%. This means your winnings aren’t taken away from you but rather a large portion of your winnings are rewarded to you after gameplay. 

  • The rake fee is just 5% from H2H and large contests, 
  • Platform & transaction fee for using protocol 1% & 0.3%. 

The distribution of rake fees is as follows:  

  • Stakers + Burn: 40% each 
  • LP rewards: 10% 
  • Team: 8% 
  • Charity protocol (Angel & Aqua): 2%

In case a game pool fails to fill the contest is then cancelled following which refunds will be initiated and immediately refunded back to your wallet. Fantasy Sports Game Refunds are made claimable as soon as the game begins and will be paid out in $FURY just like the rewards. 

Fanfury is a daily fantasy sports app that runs on the blockchain and has its own native token $FURY. So when you enter a match you are paying in $FURY be it via a bank or Keplr transfer, and therefore when rewards are distributed that too will be paid out in $FURY. 

2 Small pool contests will be available in teams or 50/100. 

6 head to head Contest pools will also be available in teams 2/3/4/5/10.

With the rake fee being just 5% it means higher payouts to players. With 75% of the users in the winning pool, payouts will be fair and transparent. 

Fanfury offers a 95% payout to all its users combined from both head-to-head (single entry) as well as large entry pools ( Multi-team contest)

Fanfury is the only platform that offers the lowest rake fees among all DFS apps. This means our winning ratio is 75% and the remaining 25% who don’t win a contest still get cash backs. 

Fanfury Fantasy Sports players are sure to benefit from this large winning percentage. 

Which includes:

75% for the LCPs
20% - 50% for the SCPs (this is due to the "winner takes all" format for SCPs) 

This means the house always wins and you are the house!