Play Daily Fantasy Sports and Win $FURY

Create your fantasy team & enter a Small or Large Contest pool to win $FURY

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Fanfury offers over 2000 leading sports leagues from around the globe.

Fanfury offers the world's top 5 sports on its Daily Fantasy Sports platform.
This includes NBA, NFL, NBA, Cricket & Football.

Play your favourite sport as it happens in Real-time! Fanfury offers live matches throughout the year along with memberships to your favourite Fan Clubs! Be a member of your favourite Fan Club(s) and earn $FURY!

What makes us different from the rest?

All Major leagues

Live matches 24x7

Lowest Rake Fee in the industry

Higher reward distribution

Trustless Data Sources

Daily Fantasy Sports with Fanfury just got a whole lot better!

Get started with Fantasy sports in a few easy steps

Hold Juno and $FURY to Participate
Gas Fees & Platform fees will be collected JUNO.
Pick a Live Match
Daily live matches across all major sports leagues are available to participate.
Create a Fantasy Team and Enter a Match
Based on the Contest pools create one or more fantasy teams per match. Create a team with 11 players using the credits allotted, make sure you pick a good captain and vice-captain as their points will double 2x and 1.5x respectively
Select a Small or Large Entry Pool
Choose from small and large pools to participate in. Entry fees start with a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $100

Perform simple tasks and win extra $FURY on Crew3

Crew3 offers a unique opportunity for users to take part in various quests on Fanfury, make it your knowledge and meaningfully engage with the brand for which they stand a chance to earn XP, level up and win $FURY.
Visit Fanfury’s Crew3 FanQuest page, take part in different quests – Sports Quests, Social Quests, Gameplay Quests, Fan Club Quests and more!!
Earn XP, level up and win $FURY.


We cover all 5 major sports  which include MBL, NFL, Football, Cricket & NBA. 



A League 
Liga Argentina 
Brasileirão Série A 
France Ligue
Liga de Expansion MX
Serie A 
Major League Soccer 
Champion League Qualifying 

Rewards from a contest are distributed immediately after a contest as soon as these two conditions are met: 

  • Match results have been announced; 
  • Contest winners list has ben announced. 

This is because the reward distribution is managed by a smart contract for a fair and transparent system, therefore the contract automatically gets triggered as soon as these conditions are met, don’t fret as the process is completely automated therefore there will be no delay in announcements.

Here’s how you can buy $FURY to take part in the contests : 

  • Use your credit/debit card / Bank account to directly buy $FURY without the need to hold axlUSDC and swap it for $FURY. 
  • $FURY is available on Kujira
  • Use any Cosmos token on  Keplr and swap it to Juno and then to $FURY. For details on how to use Keplr, add axlUSDC and swap to Juno click here

Fanfury is a daily fantasy sports app that runs on the blockchain and has its own native token $FURY. So when you enter a match you are paying in $FURY be it via a bank or Keplr transfer, and therefore when rewards are distributed that too will be paid out in $FURY. 

In case a game pool fails to fill the contest is then cancelled following which refunds will be initiated and immediately refunded back to your wallet. Fantasy Sports Game Refunds are made claimable as soon as the game begins and will be paid out in $FURY just like the rewards. 

Refer this link for Fanfury Fantasy sports Point system.


2 Small pool contests will be available in teams or 50/100. 

6 head to head Contest pools will also be available in teams 2/3/4/5/10.

Fanfury isn’t just a Daily Fantasy sports platform nor is it your regular crypto play to earn projects. It’s utility is evolving and we are just in step one of things. With millions of players playing daily fantasy sports online it’s imperative that they are given a a platform that offers something substantial. 

Fanfury is : 

  • Transparent 
  • Offers Higher payouts 
  • High winning ratio 
  • The lowest rake fee fantasy sports platform 
  • Chance to Earn in crypto by playing DFS
  • Offers real world utility for assets won in the game in this case $FURY Rewards.

While winning is based on strategy and well a bit of luck. Platforms charge their users a platform fee for utilising their service. On any regular platform, this fee could mean a fair chunk of your profits is lost paying for the fees, but that’s where we differ! Fanfury Fantasy Sports platform charges its users the lowest rake fee in the industry, just 5%. This means your winnings aren’t taken away from you but rather a large portion of your winnings are rewarded to you after gameplay. 

  • The rake fee is just 5% from H2H and large contests, 
  • Platform & transaction fee for using protocol 1% & 0.3%. 

The distribution of rake fees is as follows:  

  • Stakers + Burn: 40% each 
  • LP rewards: 10% 
  • Team: 8% 
  • Charity protocol (Angel & Aqua): 2%

With the rake fee being just 5% it means higher payouts to players. With 75% of the users in the winning pool, payouts will be fair and transparent. 

Fanfury offers a 95% payout to all its users combined from both head-to-head (single entry) as well as large entry pools ( Multi-team contest)

Fanfury is the only platform that offers the lowest rake fees among all DFS apps. This means our winning ratio is 75% and the remaining 25% who don’t win a contest still get cash backs. 

Fanfury Fantasy Sports players are sure to benefit from this large winning percentage. 

Which includes:

75% for the LCPs
20% - 50% for the SCPs (this is due to the "winner takes all" format for SCPs) 

This means the house always wins and you are the house!