Established in 2021

Discover our Story

Fanfury is designed by gamers to be a daily Fantasy Sports Platform with community ownership and profit sharing.

Join a brand new metaverse that is mapped to real-world games and will quickly become the largest and the most dynamic daily based fantasy sports platform in existence.

Multi-Source Data Collection

Data from multiple oracles to prevent manipulation

Chainlink, Band & Supra Oracles

Trustless Data Sources
On-Chain Fantasy Data
Exclusive Fantasy Data
Rigid Smart Contracts

Smart contracts control the rules governing game play.

From the time data enters our system, smart contracts take over to ensure that there is no manipulation possible from the platform and the players

Player vs Player & Large Pool Contests

Smart contracts control the collection of entry fees, the pool size, the number of teams per address, as well as other proprietary governing rules.

Winner Declaration, and Rake Fee Distribution

Smart contracts also control the calculation of points for winning teams, declaration of winners, and rake fee collection and distribution

Low Rake Fees

Industry Low Rake Fees

Fanfury has one of the lowest rake fees in the industry at a flat 5%, allowing us bigger payouts, better rewards, & deflationary tokenomics

Large Prize Pools
Fanfury has one of the largest industry payouts, at ~70%
Rewards for Supporters
40% of the rake fee is distributed to supporters/stakers of the protocol
Value Accrual Mechanism
A 2% burn on rake fee from every contest pool for a deflationary token model

Mitigating Impermanent Loss for LP Providers with a payout of perpetual rewards generated from 1.25% of the Rake Fees