A Deflationary Token Called $FURY

The $FURY token is Fanfury's ecosystem token and is used for contest participation, rake collection & distribution, staking, liquidity, and governance.

$FURY For Contest Participation

The $FURY token will be used to take part in contests on the app. All contest entries will be paid for in $FURY, held by the platform in $UST, and paid out using $FURY

Deflationary Tokenomics

2% of all contest prize pools collected is burned.

Fanfury burns 40% of the Rake Fee collected by the platform in $FURY and held in $UST, from every contest pool.

2% of every betting pool is permanently removed from the network by burning the equivalent amount of $FURY tokens, at the time of reward distribution.

When the price of $FURY is high, the rate of burn declines, leading to market stabilization, helping bettors predict potential winnings effectively

When the price of $FURY is low, the burn rate accelerates. This mitigates inflation and creates a self-balancing system where price declines are temporary.

Rake Fee Distribution

$FURY For Rake Fee Distribution

$FURY tokens are used to pay out 50% of the Rake Fees to both Staker and Liquidity Providers

  • Stakers are entitled to 25% of the staking rewards generated
  • 80% of the daily staking rewards are paid out to all stakers according to the amount of $FURY staked
  • 19% of the daily staking rewards are paid out to the staking in the top staking pool
  • 1% is of the daily staking pool is reserved for the owner of the top staking pool
  • Liquidity Providers are entitled to 25% of the daily staking rewards
  • Rewards to Liquidity Providers will help with mitigating Impermanent Loss
  • Rewards to Liquidity Providers are sustainable as they come from Rake Fees 
  • Staking of $FURY-UST LP Tokens to earn additional rewards

$FURY Tokenomics and Value Accrual Mechanism

$FURY token burns are inversely proportional to the price

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