Claim Your Own Gamified Team Staking Pools

Claim Team Staking Pools, take part in a daily prize distributed to the Team Staking Pool at the top of the staked $FURY leaderboard

Claim A Staking Pool From 250 Teams

250 teams across 5 sports to choose from, with only one team allowed per wallet.

25% of the Rake Fees are reserved for Staking Rewards and distributed daily

Claim Team Staking Pool
Increased Reward Distribution
Owning the Top Team Staking Pool allows you to claim 1% of the total daily rewards
Leaderboard Standings
The Staking Pool at the top of the leaderboard each day, takes home the most rewards
Gamified Reward Distribution
Staking rewards are gamified, and are distributed according to leaderboard standings
Reward Breakup
80% of the rewards are distributed among all staking pools, 19% to the top pool and 1% to the owner
The Locker Room

Start Staking your $FURY Tokens Today

Take part in platform profits and own a part of the platform

$FURY Tokens

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Staking Pools

Claim a Team Staking Pool if they are available to be claimed

Stake $FURY

Stake your $FURY Tokens with a Team Staking pool of your choice

Claim Your Team Staking Pool

Earn More Rewards As An Owner

Owners of Team Staking Pools take home 1% of the total Staking Rewards for being the top Pool

Claim Your Team
Pay The Claiming Fee
Choose From Available Teams Names

Social sharing rewards

Valkyrie protocol will incentivize social sharing through their $VKR token rewards for sharing links on social channels, along with a royalty-structured referral program for passive revenue.

These rewards are distributed every time a person you invite joins the pool, which also increases your pool share