1. So, you got what is takes? Be the manager.
– Take the reins, manage your teams and compete in head-to-head battles or prize pool
2. Become the manager and bank on yourself.
– Create and manage teams, play head-to-head contests or increase your odds of winning by
participating in prize pools.
3. Manage your own team and test your conviction.
– Compete with friends in head-to-head contests or play it safe in a large prize pool with a 70%
participant payout.
4. May the $Fury be with you

Head-to-Head contests

Compete against other team managers in a battle of wits, knowledge and skill. A one-on-one contest
where only the fittest will survive.

Prize pools

Increase the odds of winning by participating in prize pools where you have a 70% chance to take home
a return on your entry fee.